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Computer Vision (CV)
Download Labeled Image Datasets provides you with an online tool to search, download and customized labeled image datasets
Our main features include: Set image color & size in bulk, add online image augmentation to the image dataset

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A Community for labeled image datasets 🖼️❤️

Our goal is to makes the process of labeled image dataset gathering easier and more convenient for everyone.
Contribute into other's image dataset request is important, and we encourage you to do so 🙏

Dragon artworks
Collected: 860/10K
image of Dragon artworks
Images of artworks that star dragons, or dragon like characters
Slot game
Collected: 253/1K
image of Slot game
Online Gambling Slot Game
Seatbelt images
Collected: 253/5K
image of Seatbelt images
Image dataset for seat belt wearing for both front and rear. The person was wearing a seat belt improperly and not wearing images. and also proper wearing images. Combined or individual files to train that dataset and build model.
Collected: 0/200
image of Walleye
walleye fish that are clear and show just the fish
Collected: 0/100
image of Cycling
HUMAN ACTIVITY RECOGNITION this is our topic of project cycling is one of the activity in that that's the reason I want dataset of cycling
Frozen pizza
Collected: 0/200
image of Frozen pizza
I'm wanting to make a grocery detection aid for blind people. I need images of frozen pizza. I need the pizzas in the box so it can recognize it in the store. Any and all brands are welcome. Photos taken through the freezer glass would also help alot

🔫 Weapons labeled image datasets

Developing AI-powered tools for weapons research and analysis: These datasets can be used to develop AI-powered tools that can be used to identify weapons in images and videos. These tools can be used to help researchers and law enforcement agencies identify weapons in images and videos, and to help them identify weapons in images and videos.

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